Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'm Not Dreaming (It Is a White Christmas)

I went to bed relatively early last night. A combination of a bunch of chores catching up with me and the fact that the cable was out so both TV and the internet were not available. The end result was that I awoke early this Christmas morning. At about 6 am I peaked through the blinds to see a light snow falling. This is the second year in a row that we have had a white Christmas.

The lighter it got the harder it snowed. The forecast was for the "possibility" of a light snow with maybe 1"-3" but by 10 am we already had 3".

The girls (in my household that includes everyone except me...including the dog) slept until about 9 am and then we had breakfast and assembled to open presents. The his-self family tradition is that the presents are taken from under the tree and placed in front of the person to receive the gift. We then all take turns opening a present while the others watch. This can make for a rather long event but it is always fun to thoroughly enjoy not only your own presents but to enjoy watching others open their presents as well. I must say that we all must have been on exemplary behavior this year because Santa was very good to everyone.

After opening gifts, The Bride started working on a traditional turkey dinner. One twist this year is that the turkey was brined. CaJenn said that she had done a turkey this way and that it was very good so The Bride decided to give it a try. The rest of the afternoon was pretty low key with phone calls to relatives and friends and just enjoying the day.

The turkey turned out fantastic and the the meal just made us happy to be together and to be able to enjoy not only the food but each other. The snow continued until late afternoon and it looks like we got about 8" total.

Life is good!!!!!!!!

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janeywan said...

We left in that storm to get back to Westcliffe. Glad we did or we may have had some frozen pipes. It was 41 inside when we got here. Hubs had forgot to turn power back on after charging batteries with generator. Opps the propane backup heater doesn't blow heat without power.

Sounds like you had a great Christmas.


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