Friday, December 7, 2007

When "Almost" Just Isn't Good Enough!

I have been waiting a very long time to write this post. Thirty-five years and two months to be exact. In spite of this, I'm actually getting to write this 603 days earlier than I thought I would.

Readers know that I have not said anything definitive about my job or my employer in this blog, with one exception. In that post I voiced some misgivings about my employer and my career. Because of my feelings, about a year ago I started a countdown to my official retirement which was scheduled for August of 2009, right after I turned 62 years of age. I even went so far as to include this countdown clock on the left sidebar of this blog. In my profile I described myself as an "Almost" Retired Guy.

The title of this post says it all...."almost" is just not good enough....

The company I work for is closely tied to the construction industry and we all have read about the dismal state of housing starts. This is not really anything new. The construction industry is cyclical. My portion of the industry
normally goes in 3 to 4 year cycles. Business cycles down for 3-4 years and up for 3-4 years. We are currently in the second year of a down cycle.

The difference this time is that our current management had no background in this industry and either does not understand or they think they alone can flatten the business cycle out......My good. I won't belabor the issue any more other than to say that we are in a major reorganization/cost cutting mode. One way to cut costs is to eliminate jobs. Jobs can be eliminated without much pain if workers nearing retirement are "induced" to retire.

Oh, Lordy, I have been induced!! I admit it, I am weak. I am a wimp. I let them seduce....I mean induce me. What can I say? Did I want to retire? You betcha....big time you betcha.

If I had planned this I couldn't have come up with a better pla
n. I will have to pay close financial attention for about 6 months but the situation is very doable. The terms of inducement are very generous and for that I am very grateful. I am a very fortunate person. In the end, my company has acted honorably and in strict accordance with all of their published procedures and policies.

The official date of my retirement is December 31st but for all intents and purposes I am retired as of today. I will return to my office only to pick up some personal belongings and say goodbye to some co-workers.

So, I now have to decide what to do with the countdown clock in the left margin? Do readers have any suggestions? The next major event in my life is the
marriage of my oldest daughter. Perhaps I should reset the clock to that event? I guess I also have to change my profile description from "Almost Retired Guy" to something a bit more accurate. Suggestions are welcome.

I have already planned to do many things once I retire and so now I get to begin to do these things. Some of these things have been waiting to be done for 35 years....some not so long but all are worthy of doing. I am very much looking forward to the future. Another door in my life has opened and I plan to take full advantage of what's on the other side!

Thanks for visiting.


StrawBoss said...


If people would only quick getting sick, causing a downturn in healthcare needs maybe I could get a sweet deal like that.

Can't wait to read about youor upcoming adventures.


Femail doc said...

What a spectacular set of photos of your feet and the natural wonders of the mountain west. Consider a wonderful little coffee table book that friends could buy in honor of their friends' retirements. Kind of like the series of photos of that little garden troll all over the world.


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