Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adventure Is Where You Find It

As I said in the last post, I was abandoned this weekend. The rest of The Circle except for me and Too Tall-Two Timing was out of town having all sorts of adventures. On Friday I felt like the unwanted orphan but I was determined to find at least a little adventure to fill a beautiful fall weekend.

Saturday at about noon I got a call from Too Tall. He said he was washing the Jeep and had the top and doors off and, by golly, he had the urge to drive that thing with the top and doors off, and did I want to go with him? Did're darn right I did.

Not too much later we were on our way up into the foothills around the South Platte River. Temps in the mid seventies, gorgeous sunshine. THIS was my idea of being abandoned!

We didn't have to go too far to find a dirt road that paralleled the river, that we had never been on before. There were plenty of people fishing and there was one party shown in the picture to the right that looked like one of them at least had bagged the limit!

That's a wedding party with the ceremony in full tilt. When we stopped to take a picture they were almost to the "I Do-s". They certainly picked a wonderful day and a pretty neat spot to start a new marriage. It kinda' gave our ride some "adventure" too.

Not far down the road we came to an abandoned old hotel. I remembered seeing something about this place on the internet or the paper but couldn't remember what it was. This morning I "googled" it and found the story. Quite an interesting place and just the thing to add a little more adventure to the ride.

Too Tall and I spent about 3 hours on this ride and it was just the "salve" to sooth that abandoned feeling. This wasn't the end of the adventure for the weekend however.

This morning I decided to try a little more geocaching. If you will remember from previous posts that I have tried to locate a few in the past couple of weeks but was stymied by one thing or another. This morning was another beautiful fall day with temps forecast to be in the mid 70s again so it was the perfect opportunity to give it another try.

This geocache was close to a popular hiking and biking trail and I arrived at the parking lot a
t about 9:30 am. I guess the geocache Gods were with me because this one was pretty easy to find. That's it in the picture to the right. A small camouflaged box hidden in the crook of a tree in a very brushy area. I didn't even bother to open this one and sign the log because as I was looking at it I heard some movement not far away. When I came away from the tree and looked across the small stream that ran nearby I saw the coyote shown in the picture at the top of the post. He was probably only 100 feet from me. It was obvious that he knew I was there and didn't seem frightened at all.

That was enough to get me, quickly, out of the brush and back on the trail. To my amazement this wasn't a lone coyote, there were several more in the brush foraging for food. I watched the for about 10 minutes and just as I was about to leave I saw a rabbit scurry across the trail into the woods behind me. Now it all made sense and I hope that my presence gave the rabbit a new lease on life!

With that little adventure to add to the weekend I decided to head home and prepare for the return of The Bride and the rest of the ladies of The Circle. While they tell me about their adventures this weekend I'll have that smug thought that "adventure is where you find it"!

Thanks for visiting.

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Marian Love Phillips said...

A great adventure his-self...pix of coyote is really you said - an adventure is where you find it and you certainly did this past weekend. Thanks for sharing! :)


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