Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Missing Moab and The Spanish Market

Too Tall- Two Timing and K. are still waiting to become grandparents. The scheduled date is tomorrow but that is not certain as all of us with children know all too well. Too Tall has opted to stay in town where he can monitor the situation a lot better and not go to Moab as was planned. Since we were going to share the ride and the hotel room, I am canceling out of the trip as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy, sorta on-time grandchild for the both of them.

I forgot to report that on the Saturday before Guitar and I left on our Passport In Time project, I went to the Spanish Market and Mountain Man Rendezvous with The Bride, Guitar and Pic-E. It was a spectacular day weather-wise and the event was a lot of fun.

In one area there were people dressed in the frontier garb of the 1830's and 1840's selling wares that were sold at the time to the frontiersmen and Indians. Things like spices, clothing, trinkets, knives and other implements and so on.

In another area Mountain Man re-enactors had set up cam
p tents and were giving demonstrations on almost lost arts such as fire starting, blacksmithing and even hatchet throwing.

A third area was for the artists displays. Most of the art was religious folk art known as "santos". I'm not much of an aficionado of this type of art but it is very colorful.

Finally, there was a burro race. In this type of event each contestant (human) has a team-mate (burro). The human does not ride the burro but rather runs alongside the burro. In a lot of cases it the human trying to get the burro to run by coaxing, pleading, swearing or whatever.

The race this day was a very small race by comparison. Pack burro racing is a pretty big sport in Colorado with the largest race being the "Get Your Ass Across The Pass" race held annually between the towns of Leadville and Fairplay.

It was a fun time and we even had a chance to buy some roasted hatch chilies which The Bride has already turned into pork green chili.

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