Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Decisions, Decisions....

One of the major drawbacks of having a Class A RV is that unless you tow a "toad" or hitch mount a scooter or motorcycle, your only means of transportation on trips is that big gas guzzling brick of a vehicle. Once you make camp somewhere that's pretty much it. It's a pain to break camp to go to the grocery store or go sightseeing in the local town.

Towing a small car for basic transportation (toad) requires......an extra car, Duh....and normally makes already meager gas mileage on the RV even "meagerer".

I've been looking in to the possibility of buying a scooter and carrying it on a hitch mount on the front of my RV. Scooters are small, light and get extremely good gas mileage. The downside is that the smaller ones will only transport one person and in foul weather it's not a whole lotta fun. After months of mental acrobatics I've become almost convinced that a scooter is a good idea.

I've narrowed down the type of scooter I'd like, to one specific model, the Honda Ruckus pictured to the left.

These things are "utilitarian" to say the least. They kind of remind me of the old Cushman scooters of my youth. Curb weight is 194 lbs. so it's light enough to hitch mount on the RV. It has relatively big tires that would work on many of the old mining roads I like to explore and it gets close to 100 mpg. Because the engine is only 49 cc it doesn't require license plates in Colorado but is street legal.

I have been searching Craigslist and other sources for used models and have found an interesting dilemma....Ruckus scooters became quite popular in the last few years and in the last year especially, they have been sold for somewhat above their MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price). Right now the market has eased somewhat and a new model costs less than most people are asking for a one or two year old model.

I have communicated with a few people that listed a used model for sale and so far not one of them was willing to sell theirs for even close to what the Kelly Blue Book retail value is. The market is "upside down" as they say......So, if I decide that this is indeed the course I should take and I can't find someone willing to sell a used model for it's true current worth, it will be cheaper for me to buy a brand new unit with zero miles and a warranty? Crazy but these are crazy times.

I'm always open to suggestions and advice so if you have some, leave a comment.

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