Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out Marlon Brando

What do you think? He only made it because I was too young at the time and I didn't have a "ride" and they couldn't wait till I grew up......It could be....maybe....dontcha' think?

Can you tell that I found a scooter to buy? After my last post, I continued to search for a reasonably priced used Honda Ruckus. After many calls I finally found someone who realized what the true value of these things are.

I bought a 2007 model with only 980 miles on it. It is in perfect condition and looks like it just came off the dealers floor. Guitar drove me over to pick it up on Friday morning and then followed me all the way home. The last time I rode or drove a motor scooter was about 30 years ago when The Bride and I visited Bermuda. I guess I haven't lost the touch because I made the 20 mile trip home without incident.

It's a fun little thing to drive but you really have to be careful in traffic. Top speed so far is about 40 mph so in most cases around here, even on residential streets, I'm the slowest thing in the traffic.

I've already made a few modifications to it. I enclosed the under seat area with plastic mesh. This way I can store/carry some items without worrying about them falling out. I also added an old army rucksack in front of the handle bars. This will allow me to carry more cargo if I need to.

I ordered a hitch mounted scooter rack on Friday as well. The rack comes with a ramp so that you can literally drive the scooter up onto the rack. My RV has a hitch receiver on both the front and back bumper so I think I will try to mount the rack on the front of the RV. The added weight on the front wheels of the RV will probably improve the handling of the RV.

If everything works out well I'm thinking of taking a trip down to New Mexico around the Chaco Canyon area later on in the week.

Thanks for visiting.


Marian Love Phillips said...

You look cool sitting on your new toy. That's really nice. You will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I have family in New Mexico down Santa Fe enjoy the ride and be careful. Good post! :)

Gene Bach said...

Good thing for Brando you weren't there when they cast his part. If you had, today people would have been saying, "Brando? Who the heck was that?"


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