Friday, November 7, 2008

New Mexico Will Have To Wait

Well, my mechanic couldn't get my scooter rack finished today or the routine maintenance I had him scheduled to do too. I had figured that my trip would have to be at least five nights on the road to see all the things that were on my list and The Bride and I have something to do next Sunday night so I'm going to have to postpone my trip.

On one hand I'm bummed but on the other, the weather is not great, so by waiting I have a chance of getting some better conditions for my trip, and, being the organized guy that I am, I have some backup activities to keep me busy.

Tomorrow, I'm going with Guitar and Too Tall - Two Timing to help a mutual friend lay PEX tubing for a heated driveway he is building. I gotta tell you, a heated driveway is the ultimate luxury in Colorado so I'm excited to see what this is all about. Maybe I can sell this idea to The Bride?

I also have a little project going on in my basement. Most of the basement was finished off a number of years ago. I preserved one area that's about 10' x 25' as a work room for me. It had drywall on the walls but that's it. I installed some wall cabinets and have a small work bench in that area.

For the past few weeks, I've been searching Craig's List for used base cabinets and have bought a number of them. I'm installing them on two of the four walls of the work area. On Sunday I'll go to pick up the last of the cabinets that will fit along those two walls. The cabinets are nothing special. Some are kitchen cabinets and some are the shorter bathroom cabinets. There are four different styles/finishes but I have been able to arrange them so they don't look bad at all....for a basement work area. Hopefully I'll have them all installed and put a counter top on them all by the end of next week.

On Sunday the 16th The Bride and I are going with Guitar and Pic-E to a Tesoro Foundation event. It consists of dinner at The Fort Restaurant and a lecture about the Leonid Meteor Shower of 1833. The event is called The Night The Stars Fell. This should prove to be a very entertaining night and a good meal to boot.

So, no trip for this week but I've got plenty of stuff to do. I'll even have some time to practice on the Wii Fit machine. I'm hooked on the soccer heading balance game. In the game you stand on a flat board and "head" soccer balls that are kicked to you. The computer senses the change in your balance as you lean back and forth on the board and the image on the screen mimics your movements. It is NOT as easy as the linked video make it look, but it's fun and an amazing piece of computer engineering.

Thanks for visiting.

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Marian Love Phillips said...

Well, they say everything works out for the best. I know you and your Bride and friends will enjoy the meal and the lecture. A nice evening out. :)

Soccer heading balance game...if you had to do that for would have a BIG HEADACHE for sure. I haven't tried the Wii games yet. Looks like fun tho!


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