Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting Ready

My RV is back from the mechanic....oil change for the motor and the on board generator and a few other minor items. The most important item was to make a small modification to the scooter rack that I intend to carry on the front of the RV.

I brought the rack home, put it on the back of my Ford Expedition just as a trial to see how it worked. The scooter fit fine and I found that I could load and unload it by myself without a problem. The only remaining scooter issue is to find some type of cover for it that can withstand the wind it will see on the front of the RV. I have a "cheapy" that came with the scooter and will probably try it on the first trip realizing that it will probably get torn up before long. I'm hoping it will last until I find a heavy duty replacement.

So, with all that done, I'm planning to get out of town sometime early next week. The weather here and in New Mexico where I'm headed, looks to be clear with temps in the mid to upp
er 50's. That's a sight cooler that it was just two weeks ago but it's probably the warmest I'll see for a while.

Oh, one other little addition to the scooter. I bought a handlebar mount for my Garmin 60CSx GPS. With this mount it's easy to snap the unit on and off the handlebar so I can use it either riding or hiking. It's battery operated but several people have told me that the batteries last up to 20 hours. I guess if I get lost now, I have no excuses.

On the home front, I've completed my basement workroom project. Over the past several weeks I've bought a number of used kitchen and bathroom cabinets that I've found on Craigslist and installed them along two walls of my workroom. The most expensive cabinet was $40 and the least was $15 for a set of 3 cabinets. The counter tops I put on, which is just a standard Melamite covered chip board, cost more than the cabinets. It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.

The next couple of days I'll be pouring over maps and guide books to nail down the details of this upcoming trip so check back in a couple of days to see how I'm doing.

Thanks for visiting.


swampy said...

I am one of those, perchance, who is just roaming around...not family, nor someone you know.
Thanks for your visit to my place today...I see you're in Colorado also.
Looks like you have an upcoming adventure planned that will probably be a wonderful trip.
I'm impressed with the handywork in your basement...my hubby isn't sure of where our hammer is, thank goodness.
Be sure to come back again.

Marian Love Phillips said...

I like your basement workroom...and the license plates and rug...pretty neat. I save license plates also. You did a great job on it and I know you will enjoy your little hide-a-way!
Will check back and see how things are going preparing for your NM trip. Marian


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