Sunday, November 30, 2008

Surprise And A Circle Event

Our expert meteorological scientists have missed another one. If you remember, one of the reasons I came back from my trip last week was that the weather was supposed to turn a bit ugly on Thursday. Well, that never happened and the revised forecast was chilly and a slight chance of drizzle over the weekend.

Friday night I did some reading in my bedroom and when I turned out the lights at about 9:30 pm it looked like someone had left a light on, on the deck which is right below the bedroom. I got up and looked out of the blinds to see a pretty good snow storm going on.

By Saturday morning we had about 5" of the white stuff. I'm happy about that. We are already behind in snow totals for the year and the moisture will be good for us. It also helped the mood for putting up the Christmas tree.

We normally do not put up the tree until about the middle of December. This year is different, however, because in two weeks The Bride will have her official graduation ceremony. To help celebrate, my mother in law, Ladder Lady, and my oldest daughter, CaJenn and my new son (in law) CaJon are all coming to town. The Bride wanted to have all the Christmas decorations up by then. The fresh snow fall made it seem not quite so "commercial" to do it this early.

The Christmas tree decorating is The Bride's job. I bring the tree up from the basement and all the boxes of decorations but for some reason I have never liked or participated in the actual decoration of the tree. I think it stems to my childhood when my parents used lead tinsel on the tree. After the holidays it was the kid's job to take every single piece of tinsel off the tree, flatten it out straight and save it for the next year. I hated that job so much that I don't think decorating the tree ever became something that was fun for me. The good news is that The Bride loves to do it so this is not a family issue.

On the social front, The Circle had not gotten together for a few weeks so we all got together last night at Guitar's and Pic-E's house to celebrate Guitar's birthday. After presenting Guitar with gifts appropriate to his stage and place in life, (a wiener roller was probably the most apropos gift) we all headed out to a concert at the Swallow Hill Music Association hall. This was a great folk/western concert featuring Jon Chandler, Harry Tuft and Rock n Roll Hall of Famer, Richie Furay .

It was a delightful evening with very entertaining music and very talented musicians at a very affordable price ($20 a ticket). The concert started at 8 pm and was over by 10 pm, relaxing but not strenuous.

This morning when I woke up, I was greeted with another couple of inches of snow that was not forecast yesterday. My chore for the morning will be to hand shovel the driveway and walk. I have not as yet moved the snow blower out to where I can get it easily but that chore just went to the top of the list for tomorrow morning.

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Marian Love Phillips said...

Love snow pretty. We have snow here in Mississippi once in a blue moon! :)


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