Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Circle Dinner and Other Stuff

The Circle has been broken for some time due to the fact that The Bride and I have been out of town. It was decided among the ladies of The Circle to have dinner Sunday night at Guitar and Pic-E's place. Since it was a Sunday, and most of the rest of The Circle had to be at work on Monday, we decided to make it a relatively early evening.

Early however, did not keep us from having a great time catching up on the goings on and talking about potential future adventures. The menu consisted of a stuffed pork loin as the main course and plenty of side dishes. It was great! K and Too Tall-Two Timing provided the desert pictured above. Very appropriate, the circle smiley face, don't you think?

One thing we did plan at this get together, was to book tickets to a show that I've been wanting to see for some time now, the Patsy Decline Show, which is a spoof on the life of Patsy Cline. The performer, Lannie Garrett, is local talent but she is definitely of national caliber. The venue should prove to be as interesting as the show itself. The Clocktower Cabaret is in the basement of the remains of one of the great old department store
s in Denver's history. It was the first "skyscraper" in the Denver downtown and was built in 1910. I am really looking forward to this event.

The weather has been relatively decent for the past few days and I have been getting in some walks with Molly dog. Over the past few years I have noticed an increase in the number of hawks and kestrels in the area and during our walk yesterday I got a glimpse of what I believe is a red tailed hawk. It's not often you see them perched this close to the ground...

Two other items of interest for this post. First, I'm thinking seriously of doing a road trip to Moab, UT for the Cowboy Poetry Gathering. I had such a good time at the event here in the Denver area, I really want to do it again. The weather will be the ultimate decider....if it looks like I can get over the mountains, weather wise, I believe I'll give it a go. T
his is shaping up to be a winter of epic proportions in the mountains however so I'll just have to wait and see.

Item #2 is that I'm seriously considering buying a small Class A RV and selling my trailer, Bivouac. Bivouac is a great trailer but when I tow it, car and trailer are almost forty feet long. That limits me a lot on the places I can go and where I can stay at night. I have found what I think will be a suitable smaller Class A and am going to look at it on Sunday afternoon. The interior will actually be smaller than the interior of Bivouac but the "tow vehicle" is built in. Total length about twenty-five feet.

If everything works out, who knows, maybe this is how I'll get to the Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Stay tuned.

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