Friday, January 4, 2008

Semi-Circle Lunch

Too Tall-Two Timing emailed Guitar and me a few days ago, wanting to know if we wanted to get together for lunch at the B & B Cafe in Castle Rock on Friday. Since my calendar is now totally open almost every day I was in for sure. Guitar is fighting a cold but said he would make it if he could...and he did.

At noon we all met at this quaint little "joint" in the middle of downtown, metropolitan, not to be confused with a city of any large size, Castle Rock, Colorado. This is more of a local hangout than a culinary extravaganza but if you're a weird seeker like me you will enjoy it. Not only does the B & B have a great old sign hanging out front, but it's got a great old lunch counter and back bar that the owners bought in the old mining town of Leadville early in the last century. Both the counter and back bar are made of Italian marble and black onyx....circa 1880.

If that was not enough to entertain, the piece de resistance is a bullet hole in the ceiling. That's right, the owners have preserved a bullet hole through the old metal ceiling. It seems as if the local sheriff and a Denver desperado had a shoot out in the restaurant in 1946. Unfortunately, the law lost and the sheriff was killed. The desperado was caught later and met his maker too.

This is my kind of lunch. A weird, kitschy, kind of place. Lots of interesting locals to watch, and on top of that friends and conversation.

One of the topics of the Semi-Circle's conversation was how do we cram everything we want to do into the next few weeks??? There are a lot of things going on in the Denver metropolitan area in January and I don't know how to cram them into the 31 days allotted to this month. Here's our list so far:

Colorado RV Show
National Western Stock Show
Indian Market
Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering
Concert at The Ogden Theater by The Subdudes
Snowshoeing in the mountains
Road Trip to AZ or NM??

It's going to take some real planning to be able to get even half of all of this stuff into the next couple of weeks....I guess we'll have to establish some priorities. Stay tuned to see how we do....

Thanks for visiting.

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Femail doc said...

Looks intriguing, but Castle Rock is a bit of a schlep down I-25. How's the food?


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