Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rockmount Western Wear

Some sad news from an iconic Denver business today. Jack Weil, the Younger died after an 8 month battle with cancer. He was 79.

This Jack Weil is called the Younger because he is survived by his father, the founder of Rockmount Western Wear. His father "Papa Jack" is 106 years old! That is correct one hundred and six years old.

Papa Jack started Rockmount in 1946 and the business has occupied the same downtown Denver location since that time. Even if you've never heard of Rockmount Western Wear, you have undoubtedly seen Papa Jack's products. Elvis, Eric Clapton, Clark Gable, James Cann and Tom Hanks are just a few of the celebrities that have worn Rockmount western shirts.

These are not just your run of the mill western shirts. These shirts can be considered works of art. From the snap buttons, which Papa Jack used before anyone else, to the fantastic embroidery, to the outlandish designs, these shirts have become classics. So classic are they, that the Smithsonian Institution has several in it's possession.

Now, if you think that is something, listen to this. Papa Jack still comes in to work every day! After all he still is the president of the business. His grandson Steve, is the vice-president and takes care of the everyday business,
but Papa Jack still puts in his time on the job.

When I first moved to the Denver area and learned about this great story...and business, I was determined to own one of these classics. I now own two. I have a shirt of the same design as the picture at the top of this post and I have the design shown to the left. This is the shirt I'm wearing in my profile picture.

I am proud to say that while shopping for these shirts, I spoke with Papa Jack. Jack, the Younger, will be missed but the business is in good hands and promises to continue for many years.

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swampy said...

OMG! I have that shirt in the first photo. Mine has some red mingled in it.
Thanks for giving the history of this great family and what a loss.
And also, thanks for the visit today. I think it's your first, maybe?


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