Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy Birthday #1

I've gotta tell ya that winter time is a busy celebration time in my family. Not only do we have the standard Christmas and New Year's holidays, but there are also numerous birthdays and anniversaries. It was just a few days ago that I was wishing my brother #4, a Happy Birthday. The time between Christmas and New Year's is also my oldest brother's wedding anniversary and my parents anniversary.

Tomorrow is my oldest brother's birthday. I won't say exactly how old he is other than to say of the four boys in my family, he is the only one that cannot be considered a "baby boomer" and next year Medicare will likely become part of his world.

Geesh, most people consider us baby boomers to be a bit on the old side....and he's too old to be called a baby boomer! He was even born DURING WW II!

On this blog he has the moniker of #1. I need to be perfectly clear that this moniker is not intended to mean that he is 1st in anything other than chronological order. He certainly is not #1 in terms of good looks as I have occupied that family position just about all of my life.

Strangely enough during his teen years, he gave me a run for my money in the looks department. While most teens are gawky and just about bustin' out of their bodies with ugly, he entered his James Dean phase. He was actually a good looking teen....but as we all know that phase only lasts 7 years.

Somehow I guess his hormones got reversed and when he was supposed to be ugly, he wasn't but both before and after that time....well I'll be discrete and not hit below the belt with an ugly stick.

I think now that he is entering the old f**t part of his life he is mellowing out somewhat. Some even suggest that he might be able to make an end life career of impersonating an old movie star???

What do you think?

Happy Birthday brother!

Thanks for visiting.

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#1 said...

Hey Brother, I resemble that remark. Thanks for the good wishes. As to the rest .... Pay-Backs can be ... "Interesting"


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