Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lucky Beans

Every year K and Too Tall-Two Timing hold a "Lucky Beans" party on New Year's Day and yesterday was that day. The name is a bit of a misnomer as the main dish served at the affair is actually black eyed peas. I guess Lucky Peas just doesn't have the same ring as Lucky Beans. It is a Southern tradition to eat black eyed peas on New Year's Day for good luck and this way we could not only fulfill the tradition but all get together as well.

The Bride and I have been attending this party for about four years now and we always look forward to it. The members of The
Circle have all been busy with family during the holiday season and this party gives us the opportunity to get together and compare notes on holiday "doins". There are also other friends that attend and all of us always have a good time.

This year we may have started another tradition....the champagne cork shoot. K and Too Tall's home backs up to an open space and from their back deck it's quite a ways to the next row of homes. Too Tall told us that he and K on occasion have tried to see how far they could get
a champagne cork to fly off of their deck......Just so happens that I brought a bottle of champagne to the party!

We decided to see if my unshaken bottle's cork was up to their standards? I was torn between shaking the bottle for more distance or not shaking it for more champagne afterwards. I opted for the latter. I managed to get about 100 feet out of this first attempt...and unfortunately we only had one bottle so that was it for this year.

After toasting to the new year, I went to the back yard and found the cork in the snow and marked the spot with a driveway reflector. Hopefully, Too Tall will leave this marker in place and next year we can see if someone else can "best" my initial shot.

Black eyed peas and a host of other goodies were next and the entire group had a great time for the next couple of hours. I made sure I ate lots of black eyed peas because I want to be absolutely sure that I have good luck in this coming year......and besides they are mmmmmm good!

As I write this we are in the second day of 2008. It's my hope that the year will bring nothing but good things for The Circle and our families.......I ate an awful lot of black eyed peas.

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