Saturday, May 17, 2008

Magic Carpet Ride and Powwow

Two intense days of moving everything I own from room to room, breaking down furniture and putting it back together again, sweating and straining, but it's done. We now have new carpeting in the entire house. You'll have to take my word for it because there are no pictures.

In a way this was more work than moving. We did just about everything you do when you
move....except end up in a new city or a new home. All the work but not the payoff of having a new house.

The only real problem was that I had a weight machine in one room that I thought could slide through a doorway into another room while they re-carpeted the exercise room. Wrong. Panic time. I've got to get it out of the room so they can work there and in a hurry. This is one of those weight machines that has a jillion pulleys and cables. There was no easy way to take any major piece off so I just had to start removing bolts and nuts and collapse the thing in one big pile of metal, cables and pulleys. It's gonna take me a month to get the thing back together (if I'm lucky).

The Bride was a trooperette but paid the price. This morning she was pretty sore and stiff.

This morning was my morning to volunteer at the Indian Powwow sponsored by the Tesoro Foundation. It was held on the grounds of The Fort Restaurant. I've posted about The Fort before but it's a replica of an old fur trading post that is located in eastern Colorado. A great venue for this type of event because they have a large outdoor area that overlooks the plains to the east and has views of the red rock formations of the foothills.

My duties this year was to be a "gopher" in the
participant area. That meant I was along the side where most of the Indian dancers were set up and right behind (and I mean only 2 feet behind) one group of Indian "singers". A ring side seat!

I had been to one other Powwow at The Fort, last fall. That one was piggy backed on to the Spanish Market, also held there. It was not nearly as well attended as this one was. Today the crowds were thick and there were
many, many more Indian Dancers present. Dancers included both men and women.

The costumes were fantastic with lots of color, beads and feathers. Sometimes when two or three participants were dancing close together it was difficult to separate the individuals. All the colors and texture just blended everything together into one colorful mass. Both the picture to the right and the picture at the top of the post illustrate this pretty well.

So, I worked from 10 am till 1 pm. Had a ring side seat for the festivities. Got a free t-shirt. Got a free lunch. It was a beautiful Colorado spring day. Cobalt blue skies with a light breeze and temps in the 70's. Life is very good!!!

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