Friday, May 2, 2008

Out Damn You Winter!

It's hanging on by it's fingernails. A couple of nice days and then this yesterday morning. We got about 2 1/2 inches before it was all over and it was all over by noon. By 4 pm there was no sign that it had snowed at all. It will be a few days before the temperature recovers to spring too. It will only be in the 50's today compared to the 70's earlier this week. By this morning this is what my yard looked like.

Earlier this week it was so pretty that I decided to take a hike in Roxborough State Park just to enjoy the day and check to see if any wildflowers were starting to bloom.

It's probably going to be another couple of weeks before the wildflowers start their show at this elevation but there were plenty of deer to watch.

I guess tomorrow marks the honest to goodness start of the wedding process for my oldest daughter CaJenn. She is flying in from the left coast to attend a bridal shower a friend is giving her here in town. I'm not sure if I'm even going to see her on this trip. She's getting in late and will be staying at the friends house in downtown Denver. After the bridal shower they are doing the bachlorette party and she's flying out on Sunday.

We will be hosting the groom's mother at our house tomorrow night so The Bride is in full panic mode over cleaning, preparing, opining, arranging and a zillion other "" things. I have been helping by doing some old fashioned white glove inspection cleaning around the house.

The wedding will be on the left coast in just a little over a month. Last weekend I made arrangements for my tux so I'm set. As father of the bride about all I do is sign checks. That's good news/bad news.

Yesterday, I volunteered again to help at the Tesoro Foundation's Indian Market. This is a combination of a Pow Wow and an art show. This will be the second time I have volunteered for this foundation. It's a fun time and it also gives me the opportunity to learn about southwestern arts. Because I'm volunteering I get a ticket to preview the art before the market itself so if I was in a mind to acquire something I could do it before the general public.

Next week will be pretty busy for us as we are having the carpet replaced in the entire house. The Bride an I will be up to our noses in moving furniture, dishes and the like. After 12 years of kids and teenagers it really needs it....

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Marian Love Phillips said...

Hang in there Cid - it want be much longer...I know it's pretty but you get pretty tired of it. We don't have that worry here in Mississippi...maybe once in a blue moon!


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