Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Colonel's Last Patrol

Nothing was ever easy for The Colonel. He will end his life as he lived, with difficulty. There is no doubt in my mind where he wants to be. In each of us however, is the primitive urge to live which takes over in times of stress. The Colonel's is stronger than most, and despite what the greater part of The Colonel wants, this part is keeping him alive, even if just barely. The doctors have conceded that he will die when that primitive part decides and not to any timetable of recognized medicine.

He has no artificial means of life support. His struggle is painfully apparent to us. It frankly tears me apart to watch, but watch I do.

Number 4 son has returned to the Atlanta area to attend to business. #1 and myself remain here alternating in keeping The Colonel company and deconstructing his physical life. Cleaning out his apartment. Making arrangements for the arrival of family and for the last ceremony honoring his life......

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