Sunday, August 31, 2008

Together Again and I've Got a Plan

I'm always striving to put a little musical history in my posts and this is no exception. The title of the post "Together Again" is the title of a 1964 Buck Owen's hit. A great little song that has been covered by many artists including Emmylou Harris, Dwight Yokam, Kenny Rogers and even The Flying Burrito Brothers.

We...The Bride and myself, CaJenn, and The Emmer, were together again not for burritos but to have a very nice Italian dinner at a great restaurant in the Denver metro area, called San Lorenzo. None of us had ever dined there before and we were all pleased with both the food and the ambiance. Both CaJenn and I had the lamb shank and it was outstanding! The Emmer had Braciola and The Bride had the veal and they both had a smile on their face at the end of dinner too.

Unusual for us, we all had desert too. Each of us chose something different so we could try a little bit of just about everything that was offered. In the picture above you can see the deserts on the table. The desert in the foreground is the one I chose. A chocolate covered pear with creme Anglais.....

There's a little story to pears. The Bride hates pears. Always has. Always will. I'm not sure why and she's not either. I'm thinking it's a childhood thing she probably doesn't remember, like maybe when she was two years old she had to sit in the back of her dad's station wagon with a basket of pears and somehow they tipped over and covered her up making her think that the pears were attacking her and she would never see her Barbie dolls again. And then again maybe she just doesn't like the taste. I don't know but I do know she hates pears and I had one less person to share my desert with!

All that said and knowing she is this way, a couple of years ago her Mom sent her a small painting of a pear as a joke. I thought it was a pretty good joke so last year at Christmas, I got her a small oil painting of another pear. Can you see this developing into a house full of pears?

Anyway dinner was great. CaJenn will be with us until Tuesday when she has business to attend to in town.....which leads to my plan.

If you remember from the last post I bought a float tube to fish with over a week ago and haven't had the chance to try it out yet. I do believe that I will head up to the mountains on Wednesday to give it a try.

I'm going to head for a little lake just north of Buena Vista called Clear Creek Reservoir and plan to spend two nights there. There is an area for free but without services, camping right next to the lake which fits my budget perfectly. Hopefully I'll have the whole lake to myself!

I'd prefer to stay a little longer but The Brides mother is arriving in the Denver area on Saturday and we are going to take her to Mesa Verde National Park for a few days....but that will be another post.

Thanks for visiting.

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