Friday, August 22, 2008

Up, Up, And Away!

That's the title of a 1967 smash hit by the Fifth Dimension. I remember it well and had the album by that group. It was a "feel good" song that was a perfect counter balance to those turbulent times of the late 1960's

I just returned from Georgia and some turbulent times there so when K. called yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to the Balloon Festival at
Chatfield State Park, I was more than ready! K. said that the official opening and mass ascent would be this morning at 6:45 am and she and Too Tall -Two Timing would be at my house by 6:15 am.

OK, K....I was skeptical. You see, K. is not normally a morning person. I was thinking that about 6 am I'd get a call from K. saying she was running late and would be there about 9am. I'm a big enough person however, to say publicly that I was WRONG. That's right his-self was wrong. K. and Too Tall - Two Timing showed up with military promptness at exactly 6:15.

Once we got to the state park we tried to figure out the best place to observe from and I suggested that we see if we could get right on the launch field. To our amazement that was allowed and there was a fair sized crowd already there.

It was sensory overload for about an hour and a half. I couldn't figure out whe
re to look next or what to photograph....Over that time period I managed to take about 150 pictures. Over 30 balloons participated in the ascent and "ugly" is not something that you could associate with any of them.

The weather was delightfully cool. The sky was crystal clear. It was just a perfect morning for this type of event. If you click on the picture to the left to enlarge it, you will see that a powered hang glider was flying around the balloons for the perfect view!

We headed home by about 8 am and I'm hard pressed to think of how I'm going to have any more fun for the rest of the day......

Tomorrow The Bride and I will get together with K and Too Tall - Two Timing for dinner. Guitar will be out of town on an adventure of his own at the Trinidaddio Blues Fest. I'm looking forward to his report on that event.

Thanks for visiting.

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Marian Love Phillips said...

I just love hot air balloons. I would love to go up in one before I leave this planet. Hopefully, one day I will. Beautiful pictures!


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