Monday, February 11, 2008

A Day in the Mountains

The mountains have been getting pounded with snow for the past few weeks but I was still itchy to get a "mountain fix". This weekend I decided that a morning of snow shoeing would be the fix I needed. No one in The Circle was available to accompany me so this was to be a solo affair.

I waited for the morning rush hour to subside and then I headed out for Kenosha Pass which is about 40 miles from home. The top of the pass is 10,000 feet altitude so I was pretty sure I'd find good snow shoeing conditions. I was right.

As I was driving up I started thinking about getting a "feet" picture with snow shoes. I'm not sure how I got started taking pictures of my feet in different places but now it's become one of those silly things that I try to do every place I go. Believe me, I get some interesting looks from passer-bys as I'm setting some of these shot up. Anyway, the picture at the beginning of the post is my latest addition to the collection. The snow was about four feet deep where I took that picture so I had to trample down a spot before I could sit down to take the picture.

I got a very good workout for about an hour and then I decided to walk on a cleared road for a while and see what I could see. All in all I spent about three hours either snow shoeing or just walking. The wind started blowing pretty good so I headed back towards the car.

Before heading back down the mountain I stopped at a campground area that was closed for the winter but had some picnic tables. I cleared the snow off of one table and sat down to a gourmet lunch that I had packed. Let me tell you, after the workout I got, a can of sardines, homemade beef jerky, a hunk of cheese, some applesauce and a Gatorade tasted as good as any fine meal I've had in a restaurant!

While I was eating the wind started blowing even harder. I'm guesstimating It had to be blowing at least 40-50 miles an hour. This weekend the weather person said they had winds of 100 miles an hour in the same area so this is not an unusual thing.

The drive home was uneventful although windy and I may even have enough time this afternoon to wedge in a power nap!....Life is good.

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Marian said...

Looks like you had a very safe and enjoyable time alone on the mountain. Do you take some kind of weapon in case you encounter a wild animal? Just curious...

Anonymous said...

I think that lunch would scare any wild animal. :)


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