Sunday, February 24, 2008

Goodbye Bivouac

Man, life is good!!

Two posts ago I reported that I have acquired a "new to me" Class A RV. I also own a 25 foot travel trailer. Now, this is a bit of an overkill in the RV department so it was always my intention to sell "Bivouac" after I found a suitable replacement.

Selling an RV of any type can be a hit or miss kind of a thing. You just never know. There are a lot dynamics to the marketplace and now with gas prices high it's an even more "iffy" market. I will admit that I had some concerns.

After completing the deal for the new RV however, I was committed, so late Thursday afternoon, I listed Bivouac on Craigslist. Friday morning I got one call inquiring about the trailer and made an appointment to show it on Saturday morning. That's the only call I got all Friday and Saturday so I was not feeling all that confident about my prospects.

Showing the trailer to a prospective buyer involves a fair amount of work as I have to bring it from the storage facility to my home, extend the slide out, hook up power and do all the other things to make it presentable. The neighborhood I live in does not allow me to keep a trailer on the street more than 3 days at a time so I could spend a lot of time and effort dragging the trailer back and forth to the storage lot.

The title of this post is "Goodbye Bivouac" so you kinda know how things turned out. The first and only interested party in two days showed up promptly for the appointment and within 15 minutes made an offer to buy Bivouac. The offer was fair and very close to what I listed the trailer for so it was a done deal!....Well, it will be a done deal on Tuesday when money changes hands and I hand him the title.

Man, life is good!!

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