Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Too Tall-Two Timing and Corvair Man

Friday was the actual date of remembrance of that day, mrffj years ago, that Too Tall-Two Timing entered this world. It was also close to the ceremonial date of Corvair Man's birthday as well. Corvair Man is "related" to The Circle by a previous employer so we all have some common ground....and now that I write this I realize that Corvair Man is really quite uncommon, if you get my drift?

At any rate it was time for more festivities, so we all gathered at the celebration table at the back of Bud's Bar in Sedalia, CO. Since Bud's is not a place where you even speak the word "reservations" and since it was a Friday night, getting the celebration table took some doing. Bud's doesn't have a table marked at "The Celebration Table" but it's the only table that will accommodate 8 people at once a
nd it's in the back of the bar so if a fight breaks out, we're kinda out of the way. I made sure The Bride and I arrived sufficiently late so as not to have to worry about jockeying for this choice table.

If you remember from previous posts, choosing off the "menu" at Bud's is not a difficult task. Their menu consists of a hamburger patty on a bun...with....or without...cheese. Don't even think about ordering fries because...."we don't have no damn fries". Chips are the only side.

These are, however, dynamite burgers. Not your fast food McDananld's type but flavorful and greasy enough to bring flashbacks to that simpler time in our lives when grease was a legitimate food group!

In the picture above, Corvair Man is that's not correct, he's never speechless. Maybe the be better word is contemplative? His mind is churning about the multiple possibilities of a six pack of plastic beer bottles. A true environmentalist, he is pondering how he might extend the life of these plastic vessels.

Two Timing-Too Tall was sufficiently impressed with his tributes as well. Because he and his bride K, have now entered the ranks of RV enthusiasts and are spending more time in the wilds, I got him a bear bell. We explained to him that if he would put the bell on any bears in the campground area, they would not be able to sneak up on him. When he inquired how exactly he would do that we told him, VERY carefully! Not sure he believed us.

A good time was had by all and the group broke up pretty early as K and Too Tall-Two Timing were headed out of town the next day.

So, Too Tall and Corvair Man, Happy Birthday from your friends. May there be many more Bud's burgers to mark your journey through life.

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