Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Didja Ever Wonder??

I am constantly amazed at driving "etiquette" or lack thereof that is commonly seen these days?? I live in the "burbs"on the front range of the Rocky Mountains. I've got to admit where I live is a pretty nice place. Judging from the number of high dollar SUVs I encounter every day I could be said to be living in "high cotton"...lots of young (Hell, just about everyone is getting to be younger than me anymore!) up and coming yuppies, dinks and sfb (@$#% for brains) pre-ceos.

So picture this. Three lane road. Right lane is the turn only lane and there are 10 cars in the lane that have been patiently waiting for the light to turn. The light turns and the line begins an orderly advance when a big new shiny SUV with the Thule roof rack, satellite radio antenna, bumper sticker that says I "heart" My Pyreneese!, zooms up the center lane....with turn signal on...and cuts in front of the second car in line. To add insult to injury, the car turns right again in 500 feet into the grocery store parking lot.

Didja ever wonder,,, if I followed the driver into the grocery store and waited until they got in a checkout line, then walked up to them with my arm extended in "turn signal" mode and stepped in front of them in the line,,, would they say "Sure go right ahead"????

Didja ever wonder??

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