Sunday, January 7, 2007

Snow Shoeing

We've had an awful lot of snow in the last three weeks...over 50". Everyone in the "circle" had cabin fever and we were all desperate to do something together. Snow shoeing somehow seemed appropriate. It was a gorgeous day! Bright sunshine, Colorado cobalt blue sky, temps in the 20's. On the way to the place we were going to snow shoe we saw a fox, casually trotting in the snow, and a bald eagle soaring above. We spent a couple of hours at an area close to town and then had lunch at an oriental restaurant also close by. Everyone had worked up a serious appetite and lunch really hit the spot. This will be our "friends" fix for the week. Next Saturday we will all go to the RV show downtown...
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Amandaluna said...

Greetings from Ellen in Atlanta.

What fun! Your photos look terrific on my monitor, and I'm enjoying your snowy adventures vicariously, from a warm, comfy chair with a cup of hot coffee within easy reach.


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