Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Kitschy America

The United States is a vast area and within this vastness there's some really weird stuff. One of my new hobbies is to seek out this "weirdness" where ever it may be! An important resource in the quest is a web site called "Roadside America" . Check it out if you have an interest in this type of thing. It's really interesting.

As you can see from the post directly below, I was in Columbia, SC this week. Columbia is the home of the worlds biggest fire hydrant. I'm not making this up folks! Look at the picture above and if you want more information look it up on Roadside America. True Americana! Note that the fire hydrant is leaning, like it's been hit by an even bigger car. Also note that a fountain gives the impression that the hydrant is leaking. This is a hobby that I'm really enjoying so far. Hopefully, I'll have a lot more "weirdness" to show you in the future.

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