Friday, January 5, 2007

Mongolian Exchange Students & Indian Rock Art

In late fall of this year I wanted to get away for a weekend in my trailer. Because of other commitments, the bride, couldn't come with me so I asked my friend "Guitar" if he wanted to go. Guitar is always up for a trip so we planned to head to eastern Colorado for the weekend.

Everyone hears about the mountains of Colorado, the mining history, the scenery, the skiing and all but few people know about the neat things on the eastern plains of Colorado. The eastern plains of Colorado have a rich history all their own. Indians, fur traders, buffalo, frontier scouts all made their homes and passed thru the high plains of Colorado.

John and I decided to head to Las Animas, about 150 miles southeast of Denver. This is very close to Bent's Fort an old trading fort on the Santa Fe trail. In Las Animas is also Boggsville, which is the last home of Kit Carson. Carson lived here for a number of years and his decendents still live and work in the area.

On Saturday morning we stopped at a Loaf n Jug store for a cup of coffee and started to talk to a local fellow that was also getting coffee. When we told him we were investigating the historical sights he said..."I meeting a group of Mongolian exchange students here in a few minutes. I'm taking them to my brother's ranch to show them some indian petroglyphs that are in a canyon there. Do you want to come?" Mongolian exchange students, petroglyphs...we couldn't pass that up!

Long story short, we spent an exciting day seeing the indian rock art, learning about the Mongolian exchange students and talking with real cowboys. I told John that if we told people what we really did that day they would have accused us of gross fabrication to cover up a weekend of drinking!

The picture immediately below is of our host and a couple of the exchange students....Oh, there was also one Russian student too! The picture at the top of the page shows one of the petroglyphs of Kokopelli.

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