Saturday, January 13, 2007

RV Show

MINUS 6 degrees this morning! About 3" of new snow... Let's think summer thoughts. Let's go the the RV show!!!

This really wasn't a spur of the moment thing. We had been planning to go to this event for several months but it just seemed like a GREAT idea this morning. We were at the door at opening time, 10:30 am. Where to start, where to start? The show was huge with every type of RV imaginable. Trailers, fifth wheels, Class A, B, C, motor homes, pop ups, truck campers all just waiting for us.

Karen and "Too Tall" Jeff were out of town so the "circle" this day consisted of me, The Bride, Guitar and Pic-E. Guitar and Pic-E do not have an RV but are very interested in getting one so this was a great opportunity to see all of the possibilities.

We saw about four hours of possibilities and only saw about half of what was available! I was most interested in fifth wheel trailers and truck campers. Things have certainly changed since I camped with my parents and two brothers...and Doberman Pincer in the 1960's in a 15' Shasta trailer!

One of the most interesting things was a display by Timeless Travel Trailers, a company that restores and refits old trailers with the most modern conveniences. On display were two old Airstream trailers. One of them was a 60's model that had been rebuilt inside to look like an Adirondack cabin. There was also a 1958 Stanley trailer. The host said that this was the only Stanley trailer left in existence and after this show the trailer was going to a museum.

After four hours we walked out with a bag full of brochures, lots of grand plans but no new RV.

Oh well we have several more months until it's camping weather!
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Ric said...

You have a wonderful flare in your website. One correction to the 13 Jan 07 RV Show -- the 1958 Stanley is not going to a museum after that show. I own it and intend to donate it to the Elkhart Museum after we are finished attending vintage RV rallies as a Parkinson' research fund raiser. See



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